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How Can I Get Electronic Notices?


A Homeowner Association may provide all notices to the members electronically. By incorporating this provision in the code, Thurston Groves would save on printing and mailing costs by using this notice method. This would also allow us to deliver important announcements or emergency information in a timely, more uniform manner. We recently sent all Thurston Groves Homeowners a Permission Form. If you have returned it, Thank You!

Please fill out this form here if you would like your Electronic HOA Notice notices sent electronically (e-mail) and sign the bottom of the form.

Download Form

How do I notify TGHOA of any design changes?

The most effective method of ensuring the preservation of the master land concept, community lifestyles, environment and individual property values is through the establishment of flexible design review standards .

In order to accomplish this objective, the DESIG N REVIEW BOARD (hereafter referred to as “DRB”) has been created as a Standing Board of the Thurston Groves Homeowners Association, Inc . (the “Association”) to control all Design Review functions at Thurston Groves . The DRB shall review all applications from Builders or Homeowners (collectively hereafter referred to as “Applicant’°) for compliance with the Design Standards and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Thurston Groves (“Declaration”) .

  1. The DRB shall review Applications for all new improvements and all alterations, modifications or changes to existing approved improvements, including landscaping.
  2. The DRB shall review and approve, approve with conditions or disapprove all Applications sub m itted to it on the basis of functional, public safety and aesthetic considerations, and the overall benefit or detriment to Thurston Groves; and for compliance with the Declaration and Design Standards as set forth in this Design Review Manual.
  3. Each Application shall be evaluated on its own merits with reasonable flexibility for design function and creativity. The disapproval of any Application shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any future approval to any similar Applications .

For a complete look at the Design Review Manual

View Here

Has TG Ever Considered a Gated Community?

Actually we have. Back in 2010, the TG Board of Directors evaluated the possibility. We went as far as conducting a survey, revealing about 35% wanting it gated, 35% did not. The rest did not respond.

Then again on Dec. 9th, 2013 the TGHOA Board held a ballot vote on the issue for vote at the Annual Homeowners Meeting. The results were:

The TGHOA Board held a ballot vote on the issue for vote at the December 9th 2013 Annual Homeowners Meeting.

  • Homeowners were asked whether we should commission a study on converting to a gated community. That vote was 21 FOR (24%) and 27 AGAINST (31%) with 45% NO RESPONSE.
  • The Board did not proceed any further on this issue.
  • Homeowners were asked whether we should commission a study on converting to a gated community. That vote was 21 FOR and 27 AGAINST.
  • The Board did not proceed any further on this issue.

  • What we found was the following:
  • Being a gated community requires that roads, drainage, street signage and lighting becoming the responsibility of our homeowners, a considerable cost.
  • Gating the rear entrance alone would not be a problem, however if we chose to keep the street and drainage system under the city’s responsibility, the city may require the rear entrance to be closed, except for emergency vehicles.
  • The county has long-range plans to widen 102nd ave. TGHOA may not have enough easement room to provide a gate and turn around area.
  • There are other safety issues that would have to be resolved (fire and EMS).
  • Finally, there are a few homeowners that feel that they bought into Thurston Groves as a non-gated community and that a change from this would be significant.
  • A professional evaluation would have to be made to identify all the problems and a vote of 2/3rd’s of the homeowners would be needed to pass.

  • The TGHOA Board of Directors will revisit this issue from time to time.

    Where can I find Utilty Companies for TG?

    Here is a list of utility companies for Thurston Groves:

  • Sewer/Water: Pinellas County Utilities 727-464-4000
  • Trash – Waste Management 727-572-8779
  • Waste Management picks up trash on Tuesdays and Fridays, and recycled material on Fridays.
  • Electric – Duke Energy 727-443-2641
  • Gas: TECO 727-826-3333
  • Brighthouse (offer Cable/Phone/Internet) 727-329-5250
  • Verizon: 855-567-6401 ( no FIOS or DSL service, just telephone)
  • Cable: Brighthouse or Direct TV

  • Where can I replace or buy a new mailbox?

    If you need replacement parts for your mailbox, contact Creative Mailbox designs at (800) 804-4809 or at their website: www.creativemailboxdesigns.com

    If you'd like your mailbox professionally refurbished, Victor Camacho at 727.637.8005. His service includes, wire brushing of the mailbox and stand, two coats brush on Rust-Oleum paint and new numbers for a charge of $100.00.

    Are Garage Sales Allowed?

    In May of 2016, the board expressed an interest in waiving the by-laws against garage sales. A poll was conducted and majority of the residents responding to the poll voted in favor of having a neighborhood garage sale. TG's first garage sale was held on October 15th from 9am - 1pm. It was a huge success. Hundreds of shoppers came out to buy tools, electronics, clothes, furniture, jewelry and other valuable items that were available for sale. The board has agreed to hold garage sales every 18 months alternating in the spring and fall. The next yard sale will be held in the spring of 2018.

    Are Speed Bumps Allowed in Thurston Groves?

    Many residents have complained over the years about traffic speeds, especially along TG Blvd. We have asked the City for speed bumps, lower speed limits, more traffic enforcement for speeding. Unlike the county, speed bumps are not allowed in the City of Seminole. So far our only option right now is to have the deputies patrol more and citations for speeding. The turn around in the first several homes in Thurston Groves has been a huge problem and safety concerned for children playing nearby.

    How do I report a street light out?

    Progress Energy has a way to report a street light out in Thurston Groves at www.progress-energy.com/app/StreetlightRepair

    How can I remove rust stain on the sidewalk?

    Friends and Neighbors: Have you been trying to figure out how to remove the rust stains on your sidewalks of home caused by iron in or well water? I want to share with you a product that is effective in removing the rust. The product is called “Clear Pink Stuff” which is an acid based rust remover.

    This product can be purchased at McCleary’s Auto and Truck Repair located at 12350 Belcher Rd Bldg 4A, Largo Fl. 727-530-1370. The cost of the product is $9.95 a gallon or $47.95 for 5 gallons. You can see by the before and after pictures how effective this product is.